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tv   Interview Sandhya Raman  CSPAN  May 17, 2019 4:29am-4:37am EDT

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actually get the requests you made, mexico changed their labor laws, what you requested before they could vote on it actually happens, you should now keep your word and do what you said you would do. schedule a vote. >> [indiscernible] -- trying to lower to match -- [indiscernible] >> that is a question for him. no bill has been scheduled. thank you all very much. i appreciate you coming. >> when the house returns at 9:00 a.m. eastern, they will debate a bill to amend the 1964 civil rights act to add protections based on sex, sexual
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orientation and gender identity. for details, we talked to a capitol hill reporter. host: with us from capitol hill is sandhya raman, a health care reporter with cq roll call. what would the equality act do, and why is it a top priority for house democrats? is a big bill for house democrats because it would extend protections, i advise lgbtq, so it would make sex, sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes free from discrimination. host: the measure is sponsored by david cicilline, democrat from rhode island. you covered committee hearings in april. a headline from one of your pieces, ways of expanding health access and religious protections. you wrote house republicans were especially concerned about the expansion of health care access. why is this an issue for them.
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sandhya: this is definitely an issue because some people with certain convictions have issues with certain things that would be covered under the bell. so some of the people have had issues of people who were to be covered for things like hormonal treatment or people who identify as transgender, or someone who is transgender may be able to play sports on a team other than the gender they were assigned at birth. so it was a lot of issues related to issues certain people have with the lgbt q community. host: dan lipinski, democrat from illinois, talked about the bill on the house floor this week. our capital producer craig kaplan tweeted some of that. he said, i will vote for the
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equality act, but before it becomes law we must do more to ensure religious liberty. so far congressman lipinski and house republicans who have expressed similar views, what are their concerns over religious protections? sandhya: their concerns stem back to a 1993 law which was bipartisan and establishes that religious protections are protected for individuals. a lot of what we heard the committee level and on the floor discussing this bill is that there needs to be protections in place for people with religious beliefs to be able to continue those beliefs while still going forward with protecting everyone. host: house speaker nancy pelosi said she expects all democrats will vote for the measure. there is some republican
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support, brian fitzpatrick from pennsylvania tweeting, i met with representatives and members of our community who joined me in supporting the equality act. we must stand together to fight discrimination in all its forms. do you expect other house republicans to vote in favor of it? sandhya: all democrats are expected to vote for the legislation, those of the two republicans expected to vote for it. host: so far no word in terms of a veto threat from the white house. have we gotten any indication from the administration, in any way at all, where they stand on this issue more broadly, not necessarily on the equality act? sandhya: president trump has broadly been in favor of expanding religious protections. he has spoken at a lot of events that are tied to religion and
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religious freedom. he made a big announcement on the national day of prayer for hhs to strengthen protections. he spoke at the national prayer breakfast earlier this year about other policies, so it is very unlikely president trump would support this legislation. host: thanks so much for joining us. sandhya: thank you. journaln's washington live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. this morning, rob woodall from georgia discusses efforts to pass the $2 trillion infrastructure package. fromocratic congressman wisconsin talks about the equality act, a bill that would ban discrimination based on gender identity.
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